Jo Sonja's

Jo Sonja’s Decorative Painting System developed as a result of collaboration between innovative paint company, Chroma, and renowned American Folk Artist, Jo Sonja Jansen. The commitment of both, was the development of a brand that used today’s exciting technologies to harness the techniques of the past so that a lasting heritage would be produced for the future.

As one of the first to bring Decorative Art to Australia through her travel teaching, Jo Sonja Jansen was able to ensure that the colours and mediums in the range met the exacting standards of serious Decorative Painters. The brand was first introduced to the market in 1985 and quickly become synonymous with fine quality and versatility, a position it maintains today.

Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours are flow formula acrylics offering the look and feel of traditional gouache. They offer superb handling and brushing characteristics together with purity and strength of colour. Acrylic gouache is a popular medium for design works on paper and decorative art, providing opacity of colour and a beautiful, matte velvet finish. Unlike traditional gouache, colour layering can be achieved easily throughout a painting, as the paints will dry within minutes.

Jo Sonja's Artists Colours are made from only the finest quality pure pigments. All colours in the range are lightfast and carry ASTM ratings as your guarantee against colour fade. Feel confident that the colours in your designs will remain true for generations, just as vibrant as the day they were painted.

The range of Jo Sonja's Mediums allow almost limitless technique applications with the one set of artists' quality paint colours. Forget the need to purchase endless quantities of paint for different uses - the compact range of Jo Sonja's Colours is all you ever need.

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