X-Press It

The X-Press It brand has become the best loved range of Tape and Adhesives in Australia and New Zealand. The range includes a wide selection of sizes and types including regular double sided tape, high tack double sided, foam tape and high tack foam tape. The adhesive range includes PVA, EVA, Clear Gel Glue, Tripletac and the new Glue Marker.

The X-Press It range has been expanded to include a range of display and storage solutions such as display books, art folios and kraft folios.

The X-Press It range also includes a selection of high quality pads and papers to suit the art and papercraft markets such as the X-Press It Blending Card.

For further information see the X-Press It web site.

Softstrand Roll 1.2mm (1kg)

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X-Press It EVA 20L

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X-Press It PVA 5L

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